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    AI-BeeTraffic:Precision Traffic AI Solution

    Using the new-generation of AI technologies, AI-BeeTraffic is able to distinguish between shop employees and customers and helps identify return customers. It enables offline retail industries to know about the exact number of customers coming to their stores, thus providing accurate statistics on customer traffic for the first time. It also helps offline retail data to expand from “one dimension” to “multi-dimensions”.  Based on the accurate “number of store visits by real customers”, it for the first time provides multiple dimensions of data such as “store visits by real customers”, “length of stay” and so on to the industry, so as to evaluate accurately their sales conversion rate, filling the data gap of offline retailing. These data insights on lead conversion rate such as shop visit conversion rate and in-depth shopping rate can support decision-making of operation, increase the shop visit conversion rate, and improve the operation efficiency of shopping malls.


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