• Aibee and Hikvision launch the AI total solutions to digitize offline retail

    Release date :2019-04-15

    March.29 (Securities Daily)--2019 AI Cloud Summit was held in Hangzhou. Dr. Lin Yuanqing, founder and CEO of Aibee, one of China’s leading AI startups, was invited to attend the summit and delivered a keynote speech at the summit about ”To Build and Empower Traditional Industries with AI ”.

    Aibee introduces two distinguished AI total solutions for the offline retail industry, i.e., AI-BeeTraffic and AI-BeeMall. Working together, Aibee and Hikvision launch a 3-in-1 AI total solutions to digitize of offline retail.

    The new standard of “future retail” will be defined by this collaboration for the first time in history.

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