• Equipping 65 Scenic Spots in China in Half a Year, Aibee and SEND Lead the Improving of the Tourism AI Technology

    Release date :2018.10.04

    During China's National Day Holiday this year, 65 famous scenic spots in China inaugurated their computer vision technology system, which was intensively reported by 9 CCTV famous programs. 

    Originating from the global tourism AI upgrading scheme co-created by Aibee and SEND , This system is the first widely implemented in national scenic spots,The scheme has scaled up rapidly in the half a year following its launch.

    Computer vision technology system can greatly relieve the congestion during the rush hour and tardiness in ticket sale and check, prevent fake ticket, ticket evasion, ticket fraud, scalped ticket and other issues, which is a technological leap in the link of ticket sale and check of the scenic spot.

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